Pool Covers

Repair Your Pool Cover

As the covers come off of millions of pools this spring, many pool owners may be facing a pool cover repair. They are wondering if a repair will hold – or if they should plan on buying a new pool cover in the fall.  

If your pool cover is only a couple of years old, and shows no other signs of deterioration (other than your current problem), then you may want to consider patching it, especially if it was an expensive cover. Quality pool covers should normally last 6–10 years.

You should winterize it when the summer is over, and you won’t be using your pool for several months. This involves cleaning the pool and adding special chemicals to help it remain clean during the winter. 


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Cover Your Pool Each Winter

You also need to cover the pool to help reduce damage and water contamination while not in use. Without a cover, you’re inviting several different issues, including damage to the pool that can be bad enough to make it unusable. 

A good pool cover will also greatly reduce the amount of work you have when reopening your pool in the spring. And a pool cover provides safety and peace of mind. Children and pets are attracted to pools like a moth to a light. However, the child cannot see the pool water with a pool cover, which greatly reduces its attraction.

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