Pool Liners

Above-Ground or In-Ground Pool Liners

Your pool can be beautiful again with a new pool liner.

Regular swimming pool maintenance will keep your pool running smoothly and looking great. When it comes time to replace your pool liner, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much less it costs for a new liner than for a brand new pool. Since most vinyl swimming pool liners last between 10 and 20 years, you can go for decades without having to replace one.

Vinyl pool liners are tough, but they endure some wear and tear over the course of a busy pool season. Stains, leaks, and other damage can happen over time — especially if your pool isn’t properly cleaned and maintained. Thankfully, you can often repair pool liner issues. Occasionally, you can repair the damage and get more use out of your liner, saving some money.

The Pool & Spa Store can help. Our experienced team will take the time to find out if your pool liner is repairable or if it is indeed time for us to help you install a brand new replacement.

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