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Pool & Hot Tub Cleaning

Professional Pool Maintenance

For busy homeowners of pools & hot tubs that see a lot of use, a professional maintenance and cleaning service alleviates the tedious task of keeping the water crystal clear. You’ll have more time to enjoy your pool or spa instead of worrying about what chemicals are needed.

You’ll want to have all the facts about what to expect when maintaining a backyard pool or hot tub. Whether you’ve set up a vinyl above-ground pool, a full in-ground concrete pool, or a relaxing hot tub, keeping the water clean and safe is necessary for enjoying a dip anytime you choose. Our professional maintenance team is available to help you through the process. Whether you need the Pool and Spa Store cleaning services during a vacation or during the entire season, we are ready to assist you. 

At The Pool & Spa Store, we cherish our customers. When you sign up for our weekly/monthly/short-term cleaning, you can relax and leave the maintenance to us. If you’re ready to start enjoying your pool and spa again, give us a call.

Help, my pool is looking green!

We went to several different pool suppliers looking for what would help our pool be crystal clear again. And we spent hundreds of dollars on chemicals that never worked. Then we were referred to The Pool & Spa Store. Instead of selling us something off the shelf, one of their professionals tested our water and discovered exactly how to fix the problem. Within 3 days our pool looked amazing again. And it cost us less than a third of what we had already paid. Now we are the ones referring our friends to The Pool & Spa Store!” – Satisfied Customer 

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